Dice of Change - Game for use.

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Dice of Change - Game for use.

Post by Foxie » Sun Apr 15, 2018 1:44 am

A number of cursed six-sided dice are held within a velvet-lined box. When purposefully rolled (can't be put into then knocked out of someone's hand) they create a change in that person depending on the specific die's effect. Rolling one will produce one of six effects, one for each side detailed below. A card with the effects is included with the box, though the truly adventurous characters need not read if they like surprises.

One die, the white one, affects duration and can be rolled with any others to establish a time limit for the change(s) received. Otherwise changes last until the end of the game.

Anyone playing can, at any time, say "I quit" and all changes will instantly revert. This works on intent rather than vocalization so it will happen even if gagged.

Dice are rolled by typing "/dice" without quotes into the text field, or use a site like dicelog for rolling.

And now, the dice~

Red D6 - Arousal
1- Feeling Calm
2 - Flirty desires
3- Compulsion to kiss
4- Casually play with/touch self
5- Masturbate without care
6- Need someone else to help you to orgasm

Pink D6 - Bimbo Change
1- Hair turns blonde/grows if already blonde
2- Breasts grow a cup size
3- Well applied bold makeup appears
4- Compulsive giggling
5- Lips become bee-stung, thicker
6- Mentally become an adorable airhead

Yellow D6 - Clothing Die
1: Unable to wear clothes
2: Clothes match person beside you
3: Clothes become more revealing
4: Clothes become skintight latex
5: Clothes become a maid's outfit
6: Clothes become a bikini

Green D6 - Bondage Die (Whatever is rolled becomes bound)
1: Arms bound
2: Legs bound
3: Ballgag
4: Blindfolded
5: Buttplug vibrator
6: All of the above

Purple D6 - Fetish Die (Gain a fetish, you do not have to act on it but it will be tempting if presented)
1- Bondage (being bound)
2- Exhibitionism
3- Cum fixation
4- Latex
5- Animal features (ears/tails/etc)
6- Bondage (binding others)

Orange D6 - Fantasy Species change (if you roll your current species then no change and you may reroll if you choose)
1- Human
2- Elf
3- Felyne
4- Angelic being
5- Demonic being
6- Forest fae (Dryad, Nymph, etc)

White D6 - Time Die (when rolled with another die it determines the time the change lasts, if not rolled the change lasts until the game is over)
1. 1 minute
2. 3 minutes
3. 5 minutes
4. 10 minutes
5. 30 minutes
6. 1 Hour

*Suggestions for additional dice are welcome!*

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