The grown in the unwanted drama.

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The grown in the unwanted drama.

Post by Zythria » Sat Jun 11, 2016 3:02 pm

First and foremost, everything I say here can and will include me when allowing.

Lately though, I find that there is a lot of unwanted unwarranted and frankly, stupid drama around Hypnoville.

First and foremost we all need to stop being seflish. We all need to have fun and accept other's enjoy themselves with others. Openly and freely. And not simply allow what you see or hear form your opinions. Rather look at everything, you, them and anyone involved. Listen, see, and understand.

We have groups of people who simply seal themselves away from the rest of the town save for a few people. Some people do it to avoid key others, some people do it because they want only to have fun/escape problems of the real world, and other's do it because their time gets dominated by people.

This place, it is small. We normally only ever get 20-25 users on at once, and most of them are the same people rather regularly. We need to stop simply being isolated and try to chat and play with others. And although not drama it's self, when you put people who avoid other's in with dominating the time of some people. You get drama, rumors, lies, and just more avoidance. So rather then try to go out and have fun with every body and learn about people and form your own opinions, you just hang out with the same four or five people. Which when if someone gets their idea challenged, you get backed by your click, and stop thinking about the other side of things. Don't just agree with your friends, understand what and why everything is happening. If something is wrong, challenge it. If your friend does not like you for that. They are not worth being your friend. True friends accept you for you. Your opinions should be your own, not the the collective groups.

Remember this is a site for fun. If you see something you don't like, you can ignore it, or ask for it to stop. You don't need to go to war over something simple. You must remember three things. 1) This is a site of mental manipulation. It does not matter if you are good at it, or if you are sub over dom. This place encouraging talking. So talk. 2) There are two sides for everything, just because you don't see something, does not mean it does not exist. Ask questions before fighting. 3) This is a public site. If you play in the square, gardens, the dance floor, the two bars, anywhere any person can simply walk in. People will see what you do. This does not mean you shouldn't do things, no it's the opposite. Ask questions, before trying to intervene. Just as well, everyone needs to be honest and open. People need to talk more OoCly then ICly.

We are a family. Even if you don't like someone, hate them. We need to all get along. We are writing a story, even if it is awful, full of sex, and has no real plot. It is OUR story. Fights will happen, but as long as they are done with both sites accepting and wanting it, and will both work on insuring there is no social status at risk. That the fight its self done for fun. At the end of the day. We are all people, we all want the same basic things. To fit in, to have fun, and to make friends. No one person is better then you.

Remember think by yourself, but think of others. Nothing you do, stays between you and your friend.

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