Bimbo in the castle.

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Bimbo in the castle.

Post by Zythria » Mon Dec 21, 2015 4:32 pm

So lately when I've done the Abandoned castle, I've found and oddly high number of bimbos. I am sure we have all found them, and no one has been able to take them alone; well why not?

It would be an interesting thing too. You take them alone, and maybe get a reward for clearing it with them, or you get enslaved much like the haunting melody or the drip drip drip.

Her giggling or gum popping/loud chewing wears on you until you are turned into a bimbo! It could still be a random chance of it happening, but I thought it would be a really neat idea for an added death in the castle.

And at least with this enslavement, you'd have more of an understanding of why it happened, as far as I can tell the drip drip drip, and haunting melody seem truly random.

Well, that was my random suggestion for the month, what does everyone else think?

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