Spread The Rubber

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Spread The Rubber

Post by Kala » Tue Sep 27, 2016 12:25 am

Just a little hypno-file that needs to be shared, but this seemed like the most appropriate place to put it. Let them know Drone C-04 sent you~

I got a little inspiration from all these skunk pics floating around and figured I'd join in on Skuntember before it's too late. So here is my contribution - A rubber skunk drone TF file. PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU LISTEN

This file is meant to have some permanence by suggesting you continue to listen whenever possible. If you don't have someone to obey or don't know that you can stand being an obedient rubber skunk drone without someone to obey then please give this file a second thought. Because I cannot guarantee that I will be taking any subs on. This file will lock away your old personality, letting it only come out to act as a charade or a mask. Will also cause you to comment on this file to get your new drone identity as well as changing any and all of your information on furry sites and messengers to suit your new identity - Marked as Mature for references to cumming (Or lack thereof)

This file contains
- Permanence
- Loss of self/old identity
- Public
- Desire to spread the file
- Chastity/bulge

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